When to Compromise in Writing

When you coauthor a book, take it as a learning experience. Open yourself up to learn how to communicate better, to grow from the strengths of the other writer(s), and when to compromise. In regards to the compromising bit, this isn’t to be confused with simply surrendering your opinions, ideas, or suggestions. Don’t give up on yourself. Make your case and listen to theirs. You are two individuals that are both lending yourself to the same cause; create your world and write the story together. It’s not a simple, you write this and I’ll write that, and in the end we hope it all mashes up to be a decent novel.

What “compromise” boils down to is that you have to work with your writing partner towards a solution that will satisfy both of your individual wants and needs.

Compromising is extra work that is worth it in the end. Because when you both look back, there will be no regrets or resentment.

Coauthoring a book will at the very least teach you how to tell your story better.

So remember, when you compromise in writing, you will only find it to be a beneficial experience if you do it in a thoughtful manner and are open to to the opinions of others.

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