Nuke the Ebook and Make it Pretty

If your book is a lost cause in regards to formatting, you’ll have to nuke it. No, I don’t mean you should print it out and blow it up. Though, with some manuscripts, this literal plan sure seems tempting. Alas, I can’t advocate this.

What’s being suggested here is that you need to clear out all the lovely (evil) formatting you did along the way that led you to this last resort.

The best way to nuke your words is to Copy and Paste (C&P) into Notepad. That free little program that comes in every Windows computer. If you’re on a Mac, I believe there is a free basic Word Processor for your computer too. Once you do this, you will have to go through and re-apply styles, italics, and everything. Depending on how complex your formatting was originally, you have to be extremely careful about this method. You won’t lose any text, but you will lose formatting.

We’ll go more into depth about this topic later. But for now, the best way to nuke is to throw it into Notepad.

WARNING: This will make everything disappear except for the text. You will have no more font sizing, styles, italics, color, highlights, underlines, and etc. Your text will be bare. So, make a backup of your work, and Nuke the copy (not the original) of the finished manuscript! I couldn’t tell you how many versions I had of my ebook by the end of the process. But I kept each version in case something major happened. An ebook nuke is major. So be careful. It will get easier the more times you do this.


Photo Credit: United States Department of Defense (via Pixabay)

2 thoughts on “Nuke the Ebook and Make it Pretty”

  1. Jennifer White says:

    First novel and wanted to save money. SO, I’m doing all this myself. Long story short, I nuked my book and need to undo it all! What can I do? Using Word 2010 and notepad.

    1. Nica Curt says:

      You always need multiple backups. If you still have your word doc file, you’re okay. Re-copy and try the nuke process again. You have to be sure to mark your italics, bolds, and any special formatting in the ebook. Email me for specifics.

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