Editing Fiction – An Extensive Checklist

Like our little robot friend, does the thought of editing your work make you sweat bullets and scream in horror? It shouldn’t. It might be slightly scary, but wasn’t writing your novel the same way? You’ve made it this far, you can go the rest of the way!

Today, I’m sharing with you an oldie but a goodie post. If you’ve looked around on the web for tips on editing fiction, you may have already found this. In any case, bookmark it if you haven’t yet. If you have a printer, get a physical copy in your hands and write your way through it.

From the awesome website of The Editor’s Blog, I’m sharing with you a great checklist to keep on hand for when you’re going over your draft.

This list is great for anyone who wants to make their novel stand out. Whether you’re editing your own book for the first time or even if you’re a seasoned pro, the points made in the post should be helpful. There is a lot of information to go over, so take your time. Please note that every point is important to having a well rounded book.*

Don’t rush your editing process. Walk away from your words if you have to. Get a fresh pair of eyes on your own novel and try to read it like you know nothing about the world you just walked into. Remember, editing fiction is going to take a lot of time if you want to do it right.

Check it out via Checklist for Editors.


*Break the rules when needed. Checklists, tips, and advice are opinions (unless they’re talking about grammar, then it’s probably facts). Don’t let what others say discourage you. Note them down as opinions and move forward. You will either listen to what others say, tweak your work, or ignore it because sometimes that’s the best option. BUT DON’T STOP WRITING.

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