Collaborative Writing – Guest Post on W&W

If you aren’t already subscribed over on Women and Words, you should go and take a look. Now. I mean it. Put down that coffee. Pull over your car. Heck, ignore your children for a couple seconds. I’m kidding. Please don’t do that. However, when you have the time, do click around that wonderful site. They have a lot of great book recommendations, guest posts, and many of the blog’s regular contributors are amazing authors. Yes, you will probably recognize a few names over there. Your inner fangirl might just explode.

Key Takeaway: Women and Words is a great place for the f/f book community.

To keep this short, on Friday, we had a guest post on W&W. It was fun and we hope to do it again. Hop on over to their site and take a look if you’re interested in Collaborative Writing. In the post, we go over the key things to being able to go into co-writing a book. We cover 5 points that we think are key.

Click on the link above to be sent over to our post “Collaboration, Co-writing, and How to Not Kill Each Other.” If you’re reading this before Tuesday, October 21, 9 PM EST, U.S.,  you still have time to be entered into the giveaway. It’s simple. Head over to the guest post and leave a comment. Just make sure you use a legitimate email so that we can contact you.

We would hate for you to be announced the winner and not be able to claim the book!

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