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Cali Heat

[Rating: M] Summary: A short drabble about a hot summer day. (Under 500 words) Status: Completed Genre: Drabble, General   I blame the blistering heat for the current situation we’re in. She was just so damn tempting with the sheen of sweat that glazed over

Free Fall

[Rating: M] Summary: When an android toys with her test subject. Ship: Chell/GLaDOS (ChellDos) Status: Completed Genre: General Disclaimer: Unfortunately, I don’t own GLaDOS, Chell, or any part of Portal. The only thing I own is the writing within this little one-shot. Valve owns this

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Ups and Downs

[Rating: R] Summary: Post-chosen. A series of One-shots with our girls in various normal, everyday situations. Ship: Buffy/Faith Status: Completed Genre: Humor/Romance [firstchapter:Heroes] [indizar:3,200,right] Author’s Notes: Hey there, this is FalseFaith (or ForgedFaith if someone else takes my username). Anyway, this little fan fiction is