Cali Heat

[Rating: M]

Summary: A short drabble about a hot summer day. (Under 500 words)

Status: Completed

Genre: Drabble, General


I blame the blistering heat for the current situation we’re in.

She was just so damn tempting with the sheen of sweat that glazed over every dip of her toned body. The matter that there was a major lack of clothing didn’t help me from keeping my eyes off of her either.

But here we are. In the middle of my living room after a long day of her helping me officially move into my new apartment.

I’m not supposed to be doing this with her, but fuck me if I found the will to stop. Her soft skin is blazing under my touch, it almost feels like a burn you would get from placing your hand under numbingly cold water. I’m controlling her, she’s allowing it. Every position I find us in she willing lets me lead. I don’t know why, it’s not like I’ve done this before, but everything we’re doing feels so natural. Every minute that passes my mouth finds new delicate spots that elicits moans from her. Sounds that excites me and furthers my descent into the indulgence of her.

Maybe I’m delirious from the hot temperature and this is nothing more than a gloriously tortuous dream. But my senses remind me that this is all too real. When she spreads her legs to grant me access into the intimacy of her center, I can’t help but slip my tongue between her folds. I press deeper and I want to taste every part of her.

I won’t lie, if every summer day ended up with my limbs being tangled in hers, I’d bear with the heat.