Nica Curt

During the fine years of her youth, Nica Curt found her way between the pages of books such as The Magic School Bus and The Stinky Cheese Man (which became her bible). But even with the greatness of Cinderumplestiltskin, the love of reading faded from her life. For years she roamed the earth aimlessly, lost in her lack of interest for the written word. It could have been her short attention span or it could have been a poor selection at her local library, but she began to find books boring.

With her spare time she began to explore her other interests. And with only so many hours in the day, she stopped reading for pleasure. Dial-up became high speed internet and MMO games took over her life. The only form of reading during those dark years were filled with dull school books and assigned reading from class; it nearly sucked the life out of her.

When she reached high school, she turned to movies and television shows to fulfill her love of stories. Asian dramas that lasted 20-50 episodes became her drug of choice. But through it all, she rediscovered a passion for the stories she had always had in her head.

And through fanfiction, she started to write. She spun plotless tales of her favorites series and couples, and shamelessly developed her skill through this medium. Eventually, she read through most of her favorite fandoms and began to study from the strong writers she discovered online.

Books started to trickle back into her life. And now she writes from a tiny home, in a tiny West Coast state, and debates everyday if she should drink a tiny cup of coffee or not.

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Random Note: I’m not Nic A. Curt. This has happen one too many times.