Indulgent Pen is the home of many different authors. Here you will read their rants, thoughts, drabbles, non-drabbles, and more.

The authors here at Indulgent Pen have often scoured, and trust us when we say scoured, the Internets for femme-on-femme fictional goodness.  To our dismay, there seemed to be a lack of such, and this, dear friends, made us very sad.  So very sad, that we then spent days drifting aimlessly in a deep and abysmal trench of hopelessness and desperation, questioning why our preference was being neglected so.  It was in our mourning, however, that we found answers.

The answers being us. If there wasn’t something out there that could satisfy our needs, we’d had to do it ourselves. Either that or we’d have to wait… and wait… did I mention wait? But now you’re here. So wait no more! Indulgent Pen will give you the fix you need.

The contributing authors to this webpage are self-identified “femmes” who have found a lack of femme-slash available on the World Wide Interwebs, and whose own work attempts to vanquish this void.  Very often erotic literature for-women, by-women continues to focus on the dynamics of the butch/femme dichotomy.  Femme/femme characterizations are avoided as they often play into more masculine fantasies of what lesbianism looks like.

… So why read about us? Explore the world that we created here. Enjoy.